Imagination is Key


Imagination is Key


By: Kt Robison – Guest Writer



In this article I will be addressing three main topics.

1.) Energy healing (what is the correct way?)
2.) Third eye Activation (to do or not to do?) and what about implants?
3.) The power of your imagination


What do these topics have to do with the Matrix? ….A LOT! It should also be known throughout reading this that all of this information comes from the deepest part of my heart, my experiences, and my opinions.


Energy Healing (what is the correct way?)


Energy healing can sound way more complicated than it has to be. The first rule is there are no rules. In my opinion, there is no black and white way of achieving healing yourself or anyone else. Whatever way feels right and sits well in your heart is the way to go. Which leads me to why the title of this article is Imagination is Key. Sometimes we forget just how powerful our imagination can be, along with our thoughts (which I will touch more on later in the article.) Imagination is an endless playground. Whether you are doing distance healing, self-healing or hands on healing, you need to have your imagination fully present and you need to remember the power behind not only using it, but believing that you can use it.


In my experiences, I clear my mind and pull energy (not down through the crown) but up from the core of the Earth. Using my imagination I picture a blot of energy releasing from the core and traveling up through my feet and into my heart. I then move the energy from my heart through the palms of my hands and picture where the energy is going.





Whether it’s into another person or back into our beautiful Earth or spreading like fog across the entire planet. As long as you are imagining this energy and fully believing in yourself that you can heal, there is no reason you shouldn’t feel this energy flow through you. That’s what works for me personally, I feel my palms heat up and I use my imagination sending it out to whomever I’m healing, and I picture them 100% balanced and healthy.


I focus on nothing else, not their disease, not their illness, not on the destruction happening to our planet, I just imagine them as a full healthy balanced being. Once my hands cool down (and I’m normally pretty dizzy at this point) I know I am done. I re-ground myself just by imagining that my feet are planted into Earth like roots from a tree. I’ve also noticed in my experience that it is helpful when working directly on someone, to have them imagine this energy from my hands going into their heart and spreading. Is this way the only way to do it? No. Again, let your imagination take over and practice. Everyone has different ways of doing things and feeling things, so there are no right or wrong answers.


Third Eye Activation (to do or not to do?) and what about implants?


I am well aware of the 4D realm/astral plane being controlled and manipulated by beings that run the world behind closed doors/underground. If you want more details on this, there are many articles on this website discussing just that. However, I have to stick to my original 3 main points. When activating your third eye, I do believe that it opens you up to clairvoyant images, telepathy, and clairsentience etc. of the 4D realm/astral plane where you can easily become manipulated. In saying that, I also believe that there are people who can see beyond that realm and past the matrix. Again, this comes down to trusting your heart and listening or following where it is guiding you.


There is a difference (in my opinion) between the feelings you get from the 4D realm and going even further past it, or deeper (however you want to word it considering directions are a linear way of speaking.) Take everything you learned, all your belief systems and throw them out the window during meditation and allow your heart to guide you. As far as any implants a person may have. In order to neutralize them, let’s not forget how powerful love is.





By staying in the present and acting as your true loving self. I honestly believe that is how you deactivate any implant. We carry Source frequency within our hearts. When our hearts are being put into full use and our unconditional love is spreading. I don’t believe implants placed within the body stand a chance. I do however, believe that implants placed within your etheric energy field are like little timers that go off and direct you on what to do. I like to think of them as little light switches that go off when it’s time to ‘wake up’ and begin what you came here to do. When that happens, you start knowing and remembering things about yourself. Those are placed there before ever coming into this game.

The Powers of your Imagination


I already discussed how powerful our imagination is and how important it is to use it, believe in yourself, and see where it takes you. I also mentioned your thoughts, which I will dive deeper into now. The more people who become positive through the heart, and stop thinking about the matrix and NWO, FEMA camps, social media propaganda, illuminati, chemtrails, disease, war and all the horrible tricks they have up their sleeve….the faster we break it.


What should be discussed is the power behind our thoughts. Every thought counts and it either works for you or against you. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about people spreading the truth about the matrix and I’m not suggesting to turn a blind eye to what’s going on, but I think it is just as important to focus and IMAGINE this world the way you prefer. A world filled with love and true peace. The less we think about bad possibilities, the less energy we put into bad possibilities.


There for causing those manifestations from happening. We’re becoming more and less dense, so thoughts will start to manifest quicker. People need to remember that. All thoughts affect everyone in my opinion, not just your-self. We’re all connected and creating together, which is why they try so hard to make us depressed and angry and support war and become competitive beings.





For Example, the TV feeds you propaganda, you buy into it therefore thinking about it, therefore helping it manifest as a whole. Even if you don’t agree with it, if you are thinking about it, you are feeding it energy. That is how they are using our freewill against us. Because a majority of people have no knowledge just how powerful every thought is. Good and bad. The more positive you become, the more your heart centre opens up making it easier to listen and follow, which allows you to automatically remain in a positive state of mind.


You are the Source and the Source spark is within your heart. Use that tool to imagine the world as you would like it to be. Never follow anything outside of yourself and your heart. No one and I repeat no one is coming to save you from the matrix. Always go within, where you can be present and in the now moment. That is your true guidance of your true self. If your heart and head is filled with a bunch of belief systems and rules, it is harder to stay in the present. So clear them out, centre yourself, and just BE in the moment. BE the sovereign being that you actually are. You carry the love naturally, now use your imagination (thoughts) to spread it and create a better experience for all. That is my opinion on how we pull away from the collective consciousness ‘state’ of manipulation and control, and truly become the creators we already are. Stay positive my friends, the world is becoming more beautiful every day, Just like I’ve always imagined it


Falling Back In Love with Gaia (Mother Earth)



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