Wes Penre Papers, Prepared To Be Amazed

wes penre papers

Wes Penre Papers

The purpose of these set of posts about the “Wes Penre Papers” is to give you the chance to expose yourself to some of the most incredible information you will probably ever read.


Wes Penre has spent the last 17 years writing about the Elite (Illuminati) that run the world and all their influences on this beautiful planet we live on. He has spent all this time researching these subjects in incredible detail. All this detail has been released to the public in his papers what he has written.


Reveal The Truth About Mankind’s Beginnings 


These papers will reveal the truth about Mankind’s beginnings and where we came from and who is controlling the elites of the world. The Wes Penre papers go well beyond all that as well to reveal the ultimate truths about the Universe we and others live in.


wes penre papers



Wes Penre decided not to put all this information into books so it could be available to everyone on the internet. The way he did that was to put all these papers into a PDF format. 


 Free To Everyone


These PDF’s can be found under this posting in the main menu of this website. I will put the different learning sections on different post to make it easier for you to keep a record on where you are in these papers.


Wes Penre papers are divided into 5 separate learning sections. The 5th section is to be released shortly at the time of writing this. Each separate learning section comprises of hundreds of pages and will take you some time to read and digest.


Be Prepared to be Amazed


wes penre papers



Please do not be put off by this amount of reading though as the information to be found in theses Wes Penre Papers is extremely good and well worth the time. So switch off that TV and be prepared to be amazed at what you are about to read.


Access Level 1 Learning Here



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