Is The Awakened Going To Be Harvested Like Cattle??

The Awakened

The Awakened, Are They Going To Be Harvested Like Cattle??


They may sound like an odd title for an article, but I think it is entirely possible that the awakened but not fully awakened to the ultimate truths could well fall victim to this harvesting.


Let Me Explain What I mean By The Awakened Being Harvested


Let me explain a lot more what I am talking about. Let’s assume that Wes Penre’s version of reality is true. This reality basically talks about the elite and who controls them. These entities are from the beginning of the Universe and have taken the dark path.


This path has led them away from the true source and the love and connection to everything that goes with it. These entities decided to take over this beautiful planet of ours many hundreds of thousands of years ago. It is these entities that like I said earlier control the elite of this world to lead us into enslavement.


the awakened



We have been under this enslavement for a very long time and this time for out reaches the untruths what modern science has you believe in regards to the age of humanity as we stand now. The bible as well is another selection of stories that have been tampered with to suit the dark entities agenda.


 We Have Been Enslaved For 100,000’s Of Years


Now we have a base line from which to carry on this discussion of mine let us delve further into this subject of the human harvesting of the awakened. So lets use this analogy to start this discussion of the farmer and his crop.


The farmer plants his seeds and lets them grow until he starts to see some plants shooting up from the soil and starting to grow. Now for him to get the most out of his crop (us) he needs them to mature as much as possible so they are ripe and full of energy.


the awakened



He looks at his crop and sees that a lot of his crop is not very big or ripe (the asleep masses) and thinks to himself they can be useful in mass to gain some energy but it is the ripe (the awakened) ones that offer most energy which gives him more power to work.


 Only The Awakened But Not Fully Awakened Will Be Harvested


In the above analogy you can see where I coming from as the farmer is the entities controlling the elite that in turn control the masses. Now this harvesting I am talking about is just a theory I have come to after reading and studying a lot of articles and books as well as countless hours of videos and websites. Others as well have come to this conclusion as well as it turns out so I am not alone.


Now you can see what I am talking about you need to know how to escape this harvesting. The way to do that is to awaken further to the ultimate truths of our existence and realize what is going on so you can by pass any harvesting altogether.


Learn How To Escape The Harvest


The fact that you are reading this now shows that you are one of those that will not be victim to this harvesting. Also let me clarify what I mean about this harvesting I do not believe it will be a horrible experience as some do but more of an extension of the lie of the matrix what we live in now.


the awakened



This extension of the prison matrix we live on Earth will be extended to the 4th dimension. So as the awaken think they are ascending into a newer existence that is the new Earth, they are actually just passing into a new reality which has more freedoms and knowledge. The problem will be this reality will still be a prison.


This prison matrix will be bigger and feel much nicer than here but it will still be a prison none the less. Use the analogy of the farmer again who has a huge barn with chickens that are in cages bred just to lay eggs.


Some of these chickens (the awakened) are then let out (ascended) into the farmer’s field where they think they are free and run around happier than ever. As a result of this the chickens lay even more eggs for the farmer which in turn gives him even more energy to work the farm.


 Don’t Fall For The Cosmic Con Job


The only problem with this is the chickens soon explore their new home and soon discover that there are fences that are electrified. As a result in this they are still prisoners after all.


Now some of you may think that this alternative existence is better for the chickens so it may be preferable for you as well to exist this way. But instead of settling for this way to spend eternity wouldn’t you rather be free to roam all the dimensions at will and travel at an instance to anywhere in the Universe. I know I certainly would rather take this path.


the awakened



To avoid this trap you need to realize that the God of the bible and Satan and the angels and all the ascended masters and arch angels are all part of this trap. I call it the demiurge, you can read what this here on another post I wrote.



You must realize that the true organic light beings and guides (often your own over soul) are the real ones you need to go to when you ascend or die. You can tell the difference between this and the artificial light beings by the way they communicate with you. Firstly the organic light does not hurt you when you look at it.


 Learn The Difference Between Organic & Artificial Light


This organic light is more natural as the artificial light that comes off the artificial beings is more like an extremely bright fluorescent light that hurts you to look at it. Also the artificial beings all exist in a hierarchy where they take a master and student position as if they know best. The organic beings don’t do that; they will just listen to you and be like a true friend.


the awakened



You also need to say to yourself and any artificial being that you are a sovereign being that is going back to the source of this Universe. Because these dark beings only work by tricking us into these places and situations they cannot do anything to stop a truly sovereign being who knows they are part of the eternal source from returning home.


Now You Know The Ultimate Truths


So the real the ultimate truths I was talking about what you need to stop this harvesting is simply “know your true sovereign self” and the trickster dark beings for what they are. Remember every human being on this Earth is part of the ultimate creative source consciousness; this consciousness is what is in every particle of this Universe. Because of this we are ALL the ultimate power of this Universe because we are the Universe experiencing its self on a physical level.


Hope this article has empowered you to not be part of this harvest, and to take away any fear you may have what these dark entities and the elite has instilled on you. Also remember you are now really “THE AWAKENED”, Love to you all. Alan Stockdale



2 comments on “Is The Awakened Going To Be Harvested Like Cattle??”

  1. Joe Reply

    Interesting. I have been thinking exactly along these thought lines. I have also been wanting to read Wes Penres stuff and will be soon. I definitely am going to be giving this more thought. Thank You for your insights. I combine my spiritual side with the religious way I was raised and the paths of life I have followed taking me to the space industry with a top secret clearance. Combine all this and hence came forth my e book (299) at amazon kindle site “Celebrate Eve, Take a Bite of This Apple”. It has been put upon me to try and capture as much of the Christians as possible and prepare them for the spiritual awakening that is coming soon.

    • admin Reply

      Hi Joe

      I would highly recommend Wes Penres stuff, I have nearly finished part 4 and it is very interesting. Good luck in your journey.

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