Reaching Your Inner Portal to Source

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Reaching Your Inner Portal to Source


This is my first posting as a writer for Escape the Prison Matrix and in this posting I wanted to share an incredible experience I have just had. This happened while trying out some new meditation techniques I adapted after listening to an incredibly wise and experienced soul called George Kavassilas.


George Kavassilas is at the forefront of the human experience and has been aware of this fact since a very early age, like us all though his knowledge as grown within this time illusion we call Earth. 


George Kavassilas


George Kavassilas


I have only just come across his work very recently but I have to say I resonate with him so deeply I just felt this incredible urge to write this first article for this website. As the title says to this posting I want to put into simple terms what I just went through while trying out my experimental meditation techniques.


What is a Fractal Universe


But before I go onto that I need to tell more about George Kavassilas view on the entire universe. Basically put in as simple terms as possible he knows that inside everyone one of us is a fractal of the entire universe and beyond.


A fractal is a smaller version of everything, just like in a hologram you can take the smallest piece you can off that and shine a laser through it. Once you do that you will see what is projected is an exact replica of the whole hologram.


This is what exists in all of us, a piece (fractal) of the entire multi-verse. With this piece of the multi-verse we can shine our conciseness through it and experience everything that is and everything that has every happened.


An Illustration of a Fractal Universe

fractal universe



This is possible because of the way the universe was created by “The Source” which we are all as much a part of as any other entity in existence. We created this universe which is only one of an infinite amount of universes we have created. The difference with this universe is that we have designed it so all of the entire knowledge and experience can be found in the smallest places such as a subatomic particle.


We Created This Fractal Universe


This is possible because of the fractal nature we designed it, so just like a hologram we can shine our attention (consciousness) through this fractal and all of what is or ever has been can been seen. So because of this fact when we get down to the smallest we are connected to the whole and it is this principle I am convinced is what can use to connect us back to the source.


When we connect back to source through a meditation technique I have devised (thanks to the knowledge from George Kavassilas). We can experience total love and knowing which will harmonize us back to how we should be a being of forgiveness and tenderness and all knowing. I know this is the way to bring our higher inner self into this body we use for this journey and help us all raise our human brothers and sisters vibrations so we can all be all that we can be.






Now I want to share a simple technique to try and achieve this. Firstly you will need to find a quiet place with no distractions. I also find using some soothing meditation music as well.


Use these following steps as I did to have a wonderful experience.


First Steps


  1. Start by breathing deeply and slowly.
  2. In through your nose and hold for a couple of seconds.
  3. Release your breath through your mouth.
  4. Repeat until you are totally relaxed and tranquil.


Second Step – Connect to your inner higher self.


  1. Imagine a ball of white light above your head
  2. The light is your higher inner self, expand that light and bring it into your body.
  3. Let that light encompass you and shine bright.
  4. Create a ball of protective light around you.



Third Steps – Connect to Mother Earth (Gaia)


  1. Imagine a bright light in the center of your chest what is receiving the light from your higher self.
  2. Now arc a beam of this light from the left hand side of your chest through the earth in this arcing method until it connect with the Earth’s core Gaia.
  3. Thank mother Earth Gaia for all her abundance and send her love.
  4. Imagine another arc of light coming from the other side of the Earth’s core arcing back to the surface and entering your right side of your chest.
  5. Breathe deeply and enjoy this connection and grounding experience with Mother Earth Gaia.


Forth Step – Entering the fractal


  1. Imagine now a journey to the smallest sub atomic part of your being where all experiences are held.
  2. Firstly imagine the cells in your body buzzing around.
  3. Enter one of these cells and see the interior in your hearts eye.
  4. See the DNA but do not enter these as they are a construct of the illusion.
  5. By pass the DNA and go straight into the atoms and see the interior of those structures.
  6. Once inside the atom see the protons that make up that atom and remember that all the knowledge and experience is inside all of these.
  7. Now enter a proton and see the bright light at the centre and visualize a sun there.
  8. Enter that small sub atomic sun and embrace the light because it is here where the connection is to all things.
  9. Once in there feel the connection from the smallest part of this fractal universe right through to the largest galaxy then the universe, go past this universe and rise above it and see the multi-verses.


At this point my experience was of complete knowing and joy for a brief period, I had tears of joy streaming down my face as I felt the oneness of everything and the stillness of it all. I have never experienced such joy and love as this and I would recommend it to anyone.


I cannot speak for you and the experience you may have but for me it felt like I was home in the source where we all belong once we have completed our journeys of experience.


I hope this article helps you experience something like I did, if it does please leave me a comment below and tell me what happened. Many thanks and much infinite love. Alan Stockdale








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