Practical Ways to Ground Yourself to Gaia


Practical Ways to Ground Yourself to Gaia


I recently wrote an article which gave tIps on how to connect with Gaia in this I was talking about how physically walking barefoot on our Mother Earth will ground you. After writing this more knowledge came my way as it always does when it’s the right time.


This knowledge was in the shape of a video which one of my beautiful friends had posted on Facebook. This video and its story moved me in such a profound way. The reason being it showed the incredible results of a small Alaskan community who had discovered grounding techniques that helped their health in an incredible way.

 A Crippled Man Walks


It also showed us all how this wonderful Earth we live on has all the healing powers we need. For an example a man on the video had not walked for many years as he had lost the use of his legs. However after reconnecting with Gaia using these grounding techniques he was able to start to walk again with aid of his walking frame.





Another reason I am writing this is because Gaia has given me a message and it involves me spreading the information about this. It is of vital importance that we all need to use these techniques of grounding. This is not only for the healing aspects but it is to help the asleep become aware of the power of Gaia and that she is waiting for them to throw down the shackles that the matrix and the astral beings have had us all tied up in.


We Can Wake Everyone Up Once We Reach Critical Mass


Another reason this is so important is because once the consciousness of the many have become aware and connected to our beautiful planet, this will reach a critical mass and then the whole of humanity will be able to see the truth. Once we reach this point we will have healed all the fractal parts of our being and also helped to heal the consciousness part of the planet which is us.


We will then be able to move into the real existence that we have the power to experience. Our physical bodies in all their glory when totally healed are the most powerful energy in the universe. That energy is the organic source creation what we are all part of.


 We Are The Most Powerful Beings 





Now let’s get back to the practicalities of reconnecting to Gaia using a physical connection. If you live in a concrete jungle like me it is not that easy to connect to Gaia physically all the time. That is why I am writing this because I want everyone to know the simple way we can do this.


For me I am in the process of buying some copper wire and a simple metal coat hanger and some wire mesh that we use to keep unwanted beautiful insects out of our houses. After I have get these products I will then cut the wire mesh to a shape that will fit on my bed to cover me from below the neck to the hips.


Follow My  Guide To Reconnect To Mother Earth


I will then use ducking tape to tape it to the mattress and then cover with a sheet. I will be connecting the copper wire to the wire mesh and running it down the back of my apartment. This will then reach the floor where there is a 2 feet square piece of soil that has a thorn bush in it.


I will be then pushing an 8-10 inch piece of the coat hanger into the soil and connecting the copper wire. This will enable me to be connected physically to our wonder planet Gaia while I am asleep. This process will also protect you from harmful energy fields that are created in our houses by the electrical wiring in the walls.





If you live in an area like me this is a great solution if at all practical to do. If you cannot use this method for whatever reason, we have another solution what some of you may be aware of. This involves a grounding mat what you can put on your bed or under your feet while sitting down. 


The great part about this method is the fact that we use the wiring in our homes that are no doubt constructed this way to harm us by the elite to benefit us. This is possible by taking advantage of the “earth” part of the electric socket that connects to Gaia. As the video will show you these methods do work and while you cannot beat being in the soil and grass and sea they are a useful alternative.


Please take a look at the video below of the Alaskan town I told you about, it is very inspiring. 



Also in this next video you can see the visual example of the method I am going to use to ground myself to Gaia.



I hope you have all enjoyed my short article today and I hope it inspires you to reconnect with our wonder Planet Gaia and help you to enjoy better health and spiritual growth. Love you all Alan Stockdale xx



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