The paradox of the matrix is thinking it’s the game

the matrix

The paradox of the matrix is thinking it’s the game, when it’s only the glitch in the game.


By: Kt Robison – Guest Writer



The unique expression of your soul, you soon will find, connects as a whole. Your state of being creates your vibration, guiding you towards the truth or towards false illusion representation. The reality of the matrix code is to follow the crowd based off of the lies that we’re told.


The illusions placed within the game, promote fear and disconnect, which are one of the same. For when you fear your frequency shifts, giving the matrix more control, making it harder to resist. If we foresee the illusions the collective conscious veil starts to fall, you’ve become a virus to the glitch decoding the illusion of walls.





Although the game isn’t real the experience is of course, seeing through the glitch in the game we remember we’re source. This matrix glitch is designed to make you believe, by worshipping them, the false gods, profits and angels of ‘light’, you will forever be freed. Don’t fall for their tricks for its just part of the game, remember who you are, and from where you came.


We are source energy who choose and create, to either fall slaves to this glitch or remember our sovereign state. The collective consciousness isn’t shifting we are just breaking away, weakening the matrix all together, while being stuck in this virtual stay.


Don’t Fall For The False Light Trap




If you believe that when you leave this physical body and avoid the false ‘white light’ that traps you back into the game you will be freed from the matrix, you’re half way there. Yes you return to source, but I think we forget we already are source, even in this game. Don’t forget that we are all connected.


The virtual game is still continuing and the ‘matrix’ glitch is still trapping other souls. Which is why I believe the lesson behind this experimental glitch is to remember our connection to one another by leaving no soul behind. In order to erase the glitch completely, it can only be done from being inside of the game.


Which is the symbolism of the matrix to begin with. The only way out, is to go within. In order to master this game, you must enter the game, figure out how it works, and beat the matrix completely as a whole. Think about it. If the veil is the collective consciousness, A.K.A the matrix, and we individually break away from it, we start to see through the lies and are able to create a more organic virtual experience. But that doesn’t mean the matrix is erased.


Create an Organic Virtual Experience


wes penre papers


We have just weakened it. In order for it to completely erase, we need to have more and more humans break away from the collective consciousness, creating a ripple effect until there is no one left in the collective to control. In doing so, we have just created a different version of virtual reality to experience. A version that’s more freeing and symbolizes who we actually are, love. Right now I don’t feel we should be concerned on figuring out if multi-universe(s) exist or if parallel realities occur.


Because we already know the answers outside of virtual reality. Trying to figure out all of the universal answers while being here, this takes away from the excitement and enjoyment of this virtual experience. Considering that in the now is all that exists and matters, that’s what we should be focusing on, because the now is currently a virtual reality.


Lets Fix This Matrix Together





A virtual reality where the matrix is still manipulating our overall experience. Let’s fix that. Let’s change the ‘script’ by deactivating the code all together. We are creator’s people!! We can do this TOGETHER AS ONE because we are one! What does a bridge do? It creates a way for you get to a place normally you wouldn’t be able to get to.  Let’s ‘be the bridge’ to help people disconnect from the collective consciousness and enter your true sovereign self. Mastering the matrix glitch allows this virtual reality game to become what it was truly designed to be……FUN!


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