Falling Back In Love with Gaia (Mother Earth)

 Falling Back In Love with Gaia (Mother Earth)

Falling Back In Love with Gaia (Mother Earth)


This may seem like an odd title for to some of you reading this, let me try and explain what I mean by “Falling Back In Love With Gaia” For thousands of years we have be separated spiritually from Gaia (Mother Earth).


This separation was due to the astral time loop we was stuck in that kept recycling us as a soul from death back to Earth with no memory of who we really are. This cycle was imposed on us by entities from the astral realms, as I have said in other articles this was to take our energies to feed them. They need to do this because they are so far from source they do not receive the source energy like we do.


I don’t want to go into too much detail on this because I have already covered this in other articles, in this article I want to convey what I am doing to be at one with Gaia again. It is working for me so I wanted to share this with you. If it doesn’t resonate with you right now, that’s okay as we all have our individual paths back to source.


 Falling Back In Love with Gaia (Mother Earth)



For me I have found the beauty in Gaia again in the most profound way, it is so difficult to put into words the beauty I feel inside for this wonderful spirit that we call Earth. I am honestly nearly crying right now because of the love and joy I feel for our beautiful planet. It’s a good job I am using a keyboard instead of a pen and paper because all these words would be blurred right now lol.


Just Walk Barefoot To Reconnect To Gaia


One of the most important actions we need to take is firstly reconnect to Gaia on a spiritual level and this can be done by just simply walking barefoot in the grass. When we physically connect to Gaia we form a spiritual bonding as well. Once you do this you will start to feel a change in you. Once you start to feel that change you will know what I am talking about when I mentioned the pure beauty within for our Mother Earth.


 Falling Back In Love with Gaia (Mother Earth)



I also found using a meditation technique in which you visualize a beam of energy coming from the side of your body. This beam needs to arc through Gaia until it reaches the crystallised core of her. Once it has penetrated this crystal core you just need to talk to her. I thanked her for her sacrifice what she under took to help us go through this whole soul journey here.


Communicate With Gaia Directly 


I also told her what she already knew, that I loved her and I felt the same from here. After this stage I visualized a beam of energy coming from the other side of the crystal core. This beam of energy arced back to me on the opposite side of my body from where I sent it. Once you do this just be in the moment and feel the connection to our mother Earth Gaia. Stay there and just “be one with her”. It is a beautiful experience, one what I practice quite a lot.


Other physical practices you can do to bond with Gaia and feel the beauty and the goodness inside is to eat fresh organic raw fruits and vegetables. These are the foods that Gaia provides for us in abundance. Especially fruit because of the amount of food she can produce for you in such a small space.


Eat Organic Raw Fruits & Vegetables

 Falling Back In Love with Gaia (Mother Earth)



I also turned vegetarian last year as well, this was a real shock to me when I felt inside I could no longer be responsible for killing anything just to eat it. I was a body builder in my earlier life and I was always taught that you need loads of protein from meat. This of course is just the programming from the matrix. I can honestly say without a shadow of doubt that I feel so much closer to Gaia after giving up meat. I am not preaching here or having a go at meat eaters because I was one for 45 years. It was in my journey to stop eating meat, and I did when I was ready.


I also recommend stopping drinking tap water or mineral water and swap to distilled water, I did this a couple of months ago and that has also helped me to cleanse my body of all the toxins we are exposed to on a daily basis. I drink 4 litres a day of distilled which I make myself with a water distiller.


If You & Drink Organically You Will Ground Yourself To Gaia


Another change I made was to recycle as much as possible of the packaging we associate with modern living. I did this because of the new found love I had rediscovered for our beautiful abundant planet Gaia. Once I had made these changes and reconnected with her I discovered I could actually communicate with insects and animals as well as trees and plants.


 Falling Back In Love with Gaia (Mother Earth)


This is not as crazy as it may seem because a lot of the souls in our natural environment chose to incarnate as an animal or a swarm of bees to help us from that dimension of existence. I will give you an example of the communication I have experienced. I was at my computer last week and this tiny fly which was fluttering around this room I was in. I spotted it from about 10 feet away and when I did I had this amazing gush of love for that little fly. It was the same love that I felt for Gaia and it was at that point I asked it what it wanted. The feeling inside of me told me the fly wanted to sit on my hand.


I Can Communicate With Insects & Animals


I communicated to it and told it that it was welcome to come and sit on my hand. To my utter amazement the fly fluttered over and just sat on the back of my hand looking at me. I felt such love for this tiny creature and I felt the same love coming back to me. I am getting emotional again thinking about it lol. Once the fly had rested for a while I felt inside that it wanted to get out of the room, so I opened the window and we parted company. I wonder what the little guy is up to right now, bless him.


I just wanted to share my experiences in my journey back to Gaia, I hope this article at least makes you smile at the thought of me talking to a fly. If it inspires you to reconnect with our beautiful planet Gaia it was well worth writing. Love you all, Alan xx


 Falling Back In Love with Gaia (Mother Earth)








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  1. justin Reply

    That was lovely Alan. I do the same. I bet all of Earth’s beloveds are doing the same. Hugs, justin

  2. Kevin Reply

    Thank you, just what i needed with yourself and Lily i am begining to feel normal again x

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