Demiurge, Learn How To Escape This Illussion




Learn How To Escape This Illusion of this Demiurge Now


In this article I wanted to discuss the demiurge and what it is and how it effects every human on this planet. If you are unaware of the demiurge and what it is I will attempt to explain in this posting.


Before we go any further into this subject we need to start with the story of the universe as I am aware and our journey on this wonderful planet of Gaia’s. As you are probably aware we live in a matrix on earth what is controlled by the ruling elite.


The World Elite’s are Not The Top Of The Pyramid




These elites are not the top of the pyramid though as they are controlled by the Archon’s or Demi Gods (demiurge) depending on your interpretation. The purpose of these Archons and Demi Gods is to feed off the energy that we provide them when we are going through all the hardships that they have created on Earth.


A lot of people that have awoken on this beautiful planet are aware of that but most of them are not aware of the next bit of information I am going to reveal. This information is the fact that these Archons and Demi Gods of the “Demiurge” also feed off all the worship and adoration we give to all the angelic beings as well as the false God of the bible.


They Feed Off Worship





This may be a big shock to you as it was to me when I first came across this information. But after researching the demiurge further on the internet and watching videos by Cameron Day and George Kavassilas I was convinced that this is the case.


This Information is the Truth


I also meditated on this matter and went deep into my heart while connecting to the universal truth and higher soul, after doing this I KNOW that this is the truth of the existence we are experiencing now as immortal energy beings.


So let us delve deeper into this subject and let me help you understand what it is all about and how not to fall into this trap, because if you don’t learn this universal truth, I am afraid when you die you will continue this never ending cycle of reincarnation and memory wipe from your last life.


 Life Before The Demiurge




To understand how this came about we need to go deep back in to the history of this universe to a time where the Demiurge did not exist and all life on these planets like Earth was in a state of pure love and remembrance. Where light beings like us came in and out of physical existence at will and could live in the physical realms for as long as we wanted too.


It was at some point in this free will universe that either one of more of the eternal light beings decided that they wanted to stretch the boundaries of this “Free Will” universe and try something different.


It was this point as far as Gaia (Earth) is concerned that these beings came here and basically convinced the inhabitants of Earth (Us) to try out a new type of physical vessel that had better functions. This vessel is our bodies we inhabit today with DNA added. It was this DNA that these beings said “had the upgrades in them”.


DNA Added To Us




We on Earth at this point in our whole existence as immortal light beings had never experience an entity that wanted to control them, manipulate them, and harm them, as far we was concerned why would any being want to harm another.


 The Archonic Demiurge Conned us


As for the Beings that wanted to impose this on us they had to be careful not to break the free will aspect of this Universe. They did this by us agreeing to go into these new upgraded bodies. However once we did put our immortal light energy (soul) into this new human body we was in for a shock.


This shock was the fact that they were designed to cut our connection to the “Source” of all creation that we all come from in our journey through the dimensions of this universe. This severing of this connection also wiped our memories of who we really are and took us backwards in our thoughts and powers.


Our Eternal Memories Was Wiped






This is what the invading beings wanted so they could set themselves up as Gods to rule over us and suck the energies from us from our worship of them. This happened many thousands of years ago, I am not sure exactly but I would estimate may be 100,000 years ago at least.


So as time went by we lost more and more of our connection to the Divine source and started to worship these beings as Gods. This is where all the stories from the bible come from about angelic beings coming from the skies. It was no more than these entities using the same powers we all possessed to con humanity into worshiping them.




They Became Our God’s


Now you have a brief understanding of the history of us and the demiurge on this planet we need to go to the next level. This level involves the information where we go when we die on this planet. According to hundreds of films made by corrupt Hollywood when we die we go through a tunnel of light, and we are met by either Jesus, God or loved ones or whatever deity you worshiped. We are then given a life review and showed our Miss-giving’s.


Don’t Go Into The Light Trap



If you are from a strict religious back ground you may be shown Hell and where you will go if you don’t atone for your sins. This place where you are taken is the DEMIURGE and this is the realm controlled by those invading beings what we now call the Archon’s. It is at this point that they have trapped you again because you think that you have escaped the prison matrix on Earth and now you will be free.

They Give You Visions of Heaven & Hell




Don’t Fall For The Demiurge Trap


I am afraid that is not the reality of the situation, the reality is you may experience some sort of Heaven while you are in this place but you will always be told that you need to back to Earth to even out the Karma from the previous life. They want you to go back down to Earth to experience the hardships again so they can feed of that negative energy. Also they will feed of all the energy you give to the God of the bible or Jesus or angelic entities you worship.


Another part of this existence is when you come back to Earth they will have wiped your memories so you have now idea of the Karma you are supposed to make up for. Also before you come back to Earth they coerce you into signing contracts to go through all manner of trials and horrors all to make up for that so called Karma. In reality all these contracts are doing are causing you pain and suffering to you and others so they can feed off that energy.


How To Avoid The Trap


Now that you are aware of the Demiurge and the traps that await you, I will tell you how to simply avoid these traps and go back to the source when your body dies. All it takes is when you die and come out of your body you need to say to yourself “I am going back to source”.




When you see the light and the tunnel turn away from it and say again that you want to go back to source. Another trick they will use is to pretend to be your loved ones that have passed before. Do not fall for this either, when you by pass this and go back to infinite source you will be able to see where all your human loved ones are and visit them at will.



Another trick I want you to be aware of is when you are sleeping at night. These beings from the Demiurge love to drain energy off you then as well. They do this by pretending they are ascended masters or angels coming to get you to fight battles for the good of Mankind. Don’t fall for this because this will tire you and take away the energies, that you could use to get the real message out to our brothers and sisters that have not awoken yet to the true reality we live in.


Be a Sovereign Being and Take Back Your Powers


I trick I use is to say to the Universe before you go to sleep that you are a sovereign being that does not want to be disturbed by any being wishing to drain your energies or do you any harm. Also tell them that you will defend yourself and remember we are a very powerful and nothing is better or more powerful than us because we are all part of the eternal source of this and other Universe’s.





Just before I finish this article I just wanted to mention to anyone worshiping Satan or any other so called evil spirits that you too are worshiping the same Archonic entities that just wish to steal your energies and take you away from your true path and powers.


This goes for all the elites and masonic lodges that think they know best, well I’m afraid boys you have been conned just like the rest of us so wake up and take charge of your soul and return to the infinite light that we are all part of. Hope to see you all there.


Hope you enjoyed this article on the Demiurge, please leave me a comment below if you want more info or visit our group on Facebook Escape the Prison Matrix  thanks Alan Stockdale



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