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Wes Penre Papers, Prepared To Be Amazed

Wes Penre Papers The purpose of these set of posts about the “Wes Penre Papers” is to give you the chance to expose yourself to some of the most incredible information you will probably ever read.   Wes Penre has spent the last 17 years writing about the Elite (Illuminati) that run the world and

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Reaching Your Inner Portal to Source

Reaching Your Inner Portal to Source   This is my first posting as a writer for Escape the Prison Matrix and in this posting I wanted to share an incredible experience I have just had. This happened while trying out some new meditation techniques I adapted after listening to an incredibly wise and experienced soul

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Etymology Of Words

Etymology Of Words   Below is a selection of video’s that opens up the subject of Etymology, this deals with the real meanings of words as well as the origins. This subject is very important in anyone’s journey of enlightenment because it reveals the power behind the spoken and written word or “Spells” (spelling).  

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