Escape The Prison Matrix

 Escape The Prison Matrix


This website “Escape The Prison Matrix” is dedicated to getting the truth out to the masses and to awaken everybody to the truth that is so obvious as long as you open your eyes. We will be uploading to this page all the radio blog broadcast we record so you have an easy to access area where you can get information on a wide variety of subjects.



Escape The Prison Matrix Will Include The Following Subjects:

 1. Alternative cures for virtually every ailment that exists today.

Escape The Prison Matrix

 2. Knowledge on how to get out of unlawful debt.

Escape The Prison Matrix

 3. How the banking system has systematically defrauded the entire planet out of our natural wealth.

Escape The Prison Matrix

 4. Why wars are started and what is to be gained by them.

Escape The Prison Matrix

 5. Meditation and the discovery of the inner spirit…..and many many more.

Escape The Prison Matrix


When we are doing live shows can you email any questions to this address and we will try to answer them during the show.


Below are the blog Talk Radio shows we have done already, we have only just started this website after years of research into the topics that we talk about. So please bear with us on this as we are total newbies to the broadcasting side of things.

My co-host Paul Massey and I have known each other for around 7 years and have grown together in our knowledge of how the world really works and how to escape this tyranny. As well as the blog talk radio shows you will find a growing list of pages with all manner of subjects covered on this website.

If you go to the top menu and look under the “Topics” section you will find pages that are full of videos that we have found over the years. These videos are some of the best of the best from YouTube and will really help you in your journey to awaken from the oppression that rules this planet at the moment.


Episode 001 On Blog Talk Radio

website blog talk logo


Episode 001 On Our YouTube Channel




 Episode 002 – The Real Meaning Of Christmas



Episode 003 –

Escape The Prison Matrix With Special Guest Michelle Walling



Escape The Prison Matrix With Mark Ceylon From Get Out Of Debt Free




Escape the Prison Matrix With Gozaimasu Stone



How To Escape The Prison Matrix 

Escape The Prison Matrix With Goz Stone & His Shape Shifting Experiences




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